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We are specialized in the production of skirting boards made from PVC, aluminium, and hardwearing plastics.

Our product portfolio also includes the production of wall decorative panels made from an ecological PVC.

Letter from the CEO

GRACE HOLDINGS is a relatively young company on the European market.

We believe transparency and reliability are the supremes, and we have open-mind negotiations with each of our partners having laid all cards on the table.

We take great pride in our manufacturers' position in a homeland - Russian Federation, that we achieve through more than 30 years of hard work, dedication, and commitment to lasting client relationships.


GRACE HOLDINGS portfolio is made up of different types of floor & wall finishing accessories. In our portfolio, we mainly focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability. Due to the successful combination of solid customer care and our 3 main pillars mentioned above, we effectively entered during our first year of operations three states in Europe: Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Romania.

At that moment we are proud to announce that we have a loyal partnership with BAUHAUS (Slovakia, Czech Republic), JUTEKS (Slovakia), AX PERPETUUM (Romania), HORNBACH (Romania). We are constantly working on and enhancing our products and operational techniques to ensure that our partners have the most up-to-date solution. Our growth is in hands of our partners, so we work extraordinarily hard to keep an open dialogue to be able to match each partner's request, and to deliver valuable service and products.

Due to globalization and increased competition, we have a number of challenges ahead of us. So our main goal for 2018 is to stand strong, to heighten existing partnership, to open and create new opportunities, and to remain a vocal client advocate.

I would like to take this opportunity and to thank each of our existing and potential partners for entrusting your business to us, and for considering our services in the future.

Olesja Lacko
Chief Executive Officer

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