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Skirting boards


Our product line is made of plastic and MDF skirtings.

Each product has unique features and design that will suit every client.

Skirtings from PVC

56 x 22 x 2500

Rico Leo

76 x 23 x 2500

Rico Royal

80 x 18 x 2500

Rico Color

50 x 14 x 2500

Rico Carpet

Skirtings from MDF

60 x 60 x 2400

MDF 60

100 x 100 x 2400

MDF 100

70 x 70 x 2400

MDF 70

110 x 110 x 2400

MDF 110

80 x 80 x 2400

MDF 80

116 x 116 x 2400

MDF 116

82 x 82 x 2400

MDF 82

120 x 120 x 2400

MDF 120

Skirtings from PVC

Our collection of plastic skirtings is made of four different categories: Rico Leo is a universal plastic plinth with soft edges for all types of floor coverings; Rico Royal is a premium class high plinth that meets the requirements of the modern functional design.

Rico Color is a unique paintable high skirting made of foamed PVC; and Rico Carpet - the special edition of skirting board for carpeted floors that is suitable for offices, commercial centers, hotels, restaurants or dwelling houses. The distinguishing feature that all plastic skirtings have in common is a PB free element, soft edges, Sun Protection Factor, and Ultraviolet Protection Factor.

Skirtings from MDF

Smart profile Paint is a skirting board made from MDF. You can install it in a nominate white color, or you can also paint it in any color you love. Our skirting meets all E1 standards of production in EU. This product is perfect for those who love wood but hate the care process of it.

MDF is very popular due to relevantly low cost, heat tolerance, water resistance, and eco-friendly elements. You can cut skirtings without any crumble, with wood it is impossible. On the other hand, it's very hard to break skirting, since it is firm enough. We also produce the special hidden fixing system for this product line. Smart Profile Paint is produced in eight different sizes: 60/ 70 / 80/ 82 / 100 / 110 / 116 / 120.